Chat With Friends Online & Makeup To $300 Daily: WowApp 2020 Review

This page provides a guideline on How To Chat With Friends Online & Makeup To $300 Daily (With Payment Proofs): WowApp 2020 Review

Hi there! Welcome to One of our priorities on this website is to satisfy our valued readers with articles that guide you on how to make money online. Today am gonna be sharing with you how to make up to $300 daily by chatting online with this app called WowApp.

Brief Details

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What Is WowApp All About?

A lot of people are already aware of this amazing mobile app. The app which was offered by YouWowMe Limited was launched in 2013 and has been receiving positive commendations so far. Currently, it has 10000 to 100000 downloads with 10M to 100M members.

Chat With Friends Online & Make Up To $300 Daily: WowApp 2020 Review

WowApp is kinda related to other social media chatting apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. But Unlike these popular Apps, it pays her users for performing daily activities like Chatting, Watching Ads, Reading News, Playing Games, Completing A Survey, Shopping Online, Referring Friends and more.

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Furthermore, WowApp rewards their users’ hard works in their own currency; “WOWCOINS”. Meanwhile, a WowCoin is equivalent to a US cent (i.e 1 WowCoin = 1 Cent). In other words, a hundred WowCoins is equivalent to a US dollar (i.e 100 WowCoins = $1).


Fortunately for all interested fellows, WowApp works both on Android and IOS devices. The device permissions it requires include Camera, Contacts, Location, Microphone, Phone, and Storage. re

WowApp Requirements

  1. A mobile device
  2. Network connection
  3. A valid email address
  4. A mobile number

How To Earn On WowApp

WowApp has different features that the users can earn from. They include:

1. CHATTING: One particular thing which makes WowApp really amazing is that they pay you for doing normal things you love doing online before coming across the app. If you are the kind of person who is initially fond of chatting with friends online, earning on this app will become absolutely easy for you. Likewise your favorite chatting apps, you can invite friends, chat with them, use emojis, create group chat and your earnings grows alongside on WowApp.

2. READING NEWS: You can also get paid for viewing trending updates coming out from WowAppThere is a particular amount you earn per the news which you click. The fantastic part here is that there is no limit of news which you are allowed to read daily. Just note that the more you read, the more outcomes you should expect.

3. TAKING SURVEYS: WowApp also allows you to take surveys sponsored from some big online platforms which need users’ reviews to grow more. Each time you completes an available survey that doesn’t take up to a minute on the app, you will get an instant reward.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t always available, especially if you just joined. But its nothing to worry about since it isn’t a “MOST DO” or “BIGGEST EARNING” part. Then you can go ahead and perform other ways of earning while you await the surveys to come at the right time.

4. WATCHING VIDEOS: This part is also an “Earn Instantly” feature. Every 30 minutes, there is always a video ad to watch and get rewarded instantly after watching it to the end. Most time, the ads don’t take more than 30sec.

To make it easier for users, WowApp has considered that you might not be online when a new video ad comes up. So they made an option which you can turn on for you to be notified when another video is available. You just have to simply check the option and expect a pop-up notification when a new video ad is available. In this way, you won’t miss any of it.

5. PLAYING GAMES: You can also proceed with the fun you are having on WowApp to playing games and eventually get rewarded for doing that too. At times, it necessary for you to win the game you chose before getting your reward.

6. SHOP ONLINE: Wow! Here is another part I love most about this app. Likewise many online shopping platforms, e.g Amazon, you can also buy stuff on WowApp. But the amazing part is you will get part the money you paid back but as a wow coins in your dashboard and eventually cash-it-out after reaching the minimum threshold.

7. ACTIVATE LOCK SCREEN ADS: Another way to earn on WowApp is by switching a “LOCK SCREEN ADS” on. However, this feature is only available on a mobile device. When a “Lock Screen Ads” is switched-on, ads will show after your phone screen is locked and you will get rewarded for that too.

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8. REFERRING FRIENDS: Obviously, this is the biggest part on WowApp and if you can manage to sacrifice most of the time you spend online on it, unlimited bulks will come knocking on your door. There’s a 10 tier referral system that maximizes referral earnings.

When you refer your friends, you get a commission for each friend they refer too; till the 25th generation which makes the referring earnings unlimited. Just keep referring people and watch them referring others while your bulks grow alongside.

How To Get Started On WowApp

Are you now finding this app interesting? Then it’s high you get in the game.

Registering on WowApp is absolutely free. To get started:

  1. CLICK HERE to sign up. It will take you to a page asking you to “JOIN BABATUNDE PETER ON WOWAPP

Chat With Friends Online & Make Up To $300 Daily: WowApp 2020 Review

Click on “Join Babatunde Peter On WowApp

  1. Then you will find your safe on a page with asking for your email.

Chat With Friends Online & Make Up To $300 Daily: WowApp 2020 Review

Provide your email address in the blank box and click next.

  1. You will be redirected to Google play store to download and install the app

  1. After downloading, open the and Create your account with username and password right away

Chat With Friends Online & Make Up To $300 Daily: WowApp 2020 Review

  1. Then Enter your phone number to verify or Go to your email and click on validate email.
  2. After Validate your account, the next thing is to kick off and start earning like others.

WowApp Payment Method

The different ways in which you can cash out your earnings from WowApp includes;

  1. WowCredit
  2. Mobile Credit
  3. Credit Card (Charges Apply)
  4. PayPal (Charges Apply)
  5. Direct Deposit

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WowApp Payment Proofs

Honestly, nothing makes sense in all this information without showing a legitimate proof. In order to avoid that, I’ve made deep research to find genuine WowApp payment proof. Below is the full screenshots of Mike‘s withdrawal and cash out process shared on

Chat With Friends Online & Make Up To $300 Daily: WowApp 2020 Review

Wowapp Payment Proof

Chat With Friends Online & Make Up To $300 Daily: WowApp 2020 Review

WowApp Payment Proof

Chat With Friends Online & Make Up To $300 Daily: WowApp 2020 Review

WowApp Payment Proof

Is WowApp Legit Or Scam?

YES! WowApp is legit!

Even if you won’t believe someone saying yes; maybe to convince in joining, you should consider the fact that this platform is almost 7 years old now. For an online earning company to last for such a period of time, it means they haven’t betrayed the trust their user donated.

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