Open A Nigerian Paypal Account That Sends & Receives Money In 10 Mins: 2020 Free Guide

Open A Nigerian Paypal Account That Sends & Receives Money In 10 Mins: 2020 Free Guide

How To Open A Nigerian PayPal Account That Sends And Receives Money In 2020

Check out for the 2020 Free Guide on How To Open A Nigerian PayPal Account That Sends And Receives Money.

As a Nigerian, you engaged yourself into an online business and found out that the only or easiest to get paid is through a PayPal account. Meanwhile, Nigerians ain’t allowed to receive any payments via this global platform. Does that mean there’s no way out?!! 😬

Your reason for wanting a Nigerian valid PayPal account might be different from that. Nevertheless, you just need a particular one to send and receive funds from Nigeria.

Am I right? Then viola!

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And lots more…

This 3 minutes article will provide adequate answers to all the possible questions you might have concerning a Nigerian PayPal account.

I will be sharing this guide with you for free. You might have been reading a lot of articles but ain’t satisfied enough. Most people will either tell you to buy an ebook that covers the guide, use a VPN to change your location or pay for them to render you the service.

But as for this article that you’re about to read, none of that will be mentioned because they ain’t fair-enough ideas.

Firstly, if you to use a VPN, your money is at risk. It won’t take PayPal agencies less than 12 hours to detect a fake location and eventually ban the account. Even if you have or do not have some cash in the account, it’s will be gone.

I am not guessing this, but it’s something I tried myself. The image below is what I saw the next morning.

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Secondly, telling you to come and buy an ebook won’t be fair enough. Cos I got the guide by making online searches for free too.

And lastly, how much can I ask you to pay that will benefit me. It’s will even be a disappointment cos Indicated the phrase “FREE” in my headline.

In a nutshell, this article you are about to read is FREE and EASY, unlike many other people.

After reading, you will be able to Open a Valid Nigerian PayPal Account all by yourself.

But firstly, let’s check out for the deal between Nigerians and PayPal.

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Why Can’t Nigerians Receive Money Through A Normal PayPal Account?

You might be asking “How the heck did Nigerians offend the PayPal executives for them to limit our accesses on their platform“.

Well, here is a simple answer: “Nigeria is popularly known as a country full of online too-smart dudes for a negative mission“. These dudes include hackers, scammers, fraudsters and others…

PayPal is an international business platform that deals with people’s money. They actually can’t afford to take a risk allowing a single user been scam via the establishment.

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They initially disallowed Nigerians from using PayPal at all until 2014. Meanwhile, the company commenced in 1999. In 2014, they provided Nigerians an opportunity to open the account but with limitations.

But wait!!! Are you getting yourself worried that? seriously, I can hear you blaming the bad guys in Nigeria right now! 😅.

No worries my pal! ☺️ I have good news!!

It’s possible to open a PayPal account in Nigeria, use it in sending and receiving money and for other normal online transactions.

Curious to know how?? The Let’s roll in…

How To Open A Nigerian PayPal Account That Sends And Receives Money

Firstly, let’s try this.

In your browser type this URL ““.

Screenshot of the phrase "" searched in a browser
Screenshot of the phrase “” searched in a browser

Have you done that? GOOD!

Now, what did you notice after taping your enter key?

Screenshot of a phrase "" searched in a browser

The URL will automatically change to “” slash some other stuff. But what we are concerned about is the “NG”. why?

The site has just detected your location which is “Nigeria” and took you to the official PayPal website homepage purposely created for Nigerians.

This is what the page looks like 👇

Open A Nigerian PayPal Account

On the page, you can see that the only category available for Nigerians is a PERSONAL account.

If you toggle on the menu, you will only find four options which are: How PayPal Works, Send Payments, Pay Online and Search for deals.

Those are the only activities Nigerians are limited to perform on PayPal. There isn’t even receive payments in it.

You might be wondering how this illustration is related to our mission of opening an account. Just relax, you’re about to find out.

Below is the step by step guide on opening a Nigerian PayPal account.


Lasotho paypal official website home page
Lesotho PayPal official website home page

The first thing to do is to open your browser and type the URL; ““. The question here might say “what’s the deal with the “ls” after the slash(/)?”. Well, here is where the initial illustration of visiting the Nigerian official website home page I used earlier becomes useful.

The Nigerian PayPal site’s URL had “ng” which represents Nigeria while this new URL with “ls” after the slash represents Lesotho country. Lesotho is allowed to perform the other activities which Nigerians ain’t. So we are taking a chance of using their official website.

If you toggle on the “Personal” option on the Home Page, you can see that there are more options including “GET PAID”, unlike the Nigerian official website.

Therefore, we are good to go since that’s what we are here for.

2. Sign Up

  1. Click on the Sign-Up option located at the top-left side of the page to get started
  2. On the next page select the type of account you want to open either a personal or a Business one.


But as for this guide, we’ll be using a Bussiness account.

  1. The next page will ask for your email and to create a password.

tap on continue after providing them.

  1. The next step is to provide information about you which you would like to use for your business.

NOTE: Firstly, make sure the details you fill-in is similar to what’s on Identification Card. This because you will be later asked to take a pics of it to verify your account. Or else, you might be banned and lose your funds as a result.

Secondly, don’t forget to change the country from Lesotho to Nigeria when you are about to type-in your mobile contact.

When you’re done with that, Agree to the term and conditions, then continue.

  1. On the next page Select your Type Of Business from this option: Individual, sole proprietorship, Partnership, Private Company, Public Company, Non-Profit Organisation, and Government Entity.

Then you will be asked to search for a keyword according to your business type and provide your business URL if available.

  1. The next step is to provide your is to personal details about yourself.

Select your nationality which is Nigeria, your form of identification (Passport, Driver’s License or ID Card) with its number and provide your date of birth.

  1. On the next page, you will message find from them asking you to verify your email address.

All you need to do is simply head-straight to the inbox of the email you provide in the sign-up process, find the verification message from PayPal and then tap on CONFIRM.


After verifying your email, login and do the necessary setups like verifying your Identification, adding your bank debit or credit card.

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