Pornography & Masturbation Addiction In 2020: This App Will Help You Overcome Them

Pornography & Masturbation Addiction In 2020: This App Will Help You Overcome It. This page provides a full guide on overcoming Pornography & Masturbation Addiction In 2020.

Being addicted to pornography and masturbation isn’t something natural. The moment you engage yourself in it, the moment you become a slave to it.

At times, you’ll regret and feel guilty to yourself after practicing it again and vow not to anymore. But unfortunately, you’ll later find yourself being thirsty for it again. That means you are addicted.

Are you also in that kind of category? Are you also addicted to watching pornography and masturbating? Have you been looking for a way to overcome that dirty habit permanently?

Well then, I have GOOD NEWS for you!

I just found an amazing app that was purposely created to help porn and masturbation addicts out of the captive. Trust me, you will find the app interesting and useful. I’ve gone through it and my mind was blown up too.

In this article, I will be sharing with you a Porn and Masturbation Addiction overcoming app including how to make use of it.

Let’s go!

Porn & Masturbation Addiction In 2020: This App Will Help You Overcome It

Without wasting your priceless time, let me head straight to fulfill my promise in the article’s introduction. I said there is an amazing app that can help you conquer the habit of porn and masturbation.

So what exactly is the name of the app you came on this page to find out? It’s Fortify – Quit Porn For Good App. 

Fortify – Quit Porn For Good App (2020 Review)

Fortify - Quit Porn For Good App Logo - Naijaspread The Fortify App Homepage Screenshot

Fortify – Quit Porn For Good App Logo

The Fortify app is designed to help porn and masturbation addicted fellows earn their freedom from the terrible trap.

Moreover, it’s an app combining a vibrant online support community with cutting-edge, research-oriented training and tools to help you move decisively in the direction of lasting, sustainable freedom from pornography.

Honestly, this app contains a lot of surprises. There are different sections on the app which are mind-blowing. You won’t only get your problems solved but learn beyond your expectations.

The app also has a forum section where you can connect with people who will assist you. On the app, there is also a way to see if you’re making progress in waving bye-bye to porn and masturbation addiction gradually.

Fortify – Quit Porn For Good app is no doubt one of the best and most useful apps in a long time. The app was launched on the 20th of October, 2017 and has been receiving massive positive reviews since that moment. The app has both the free and premium versions fully loaded.

The app was ordered by Impart Collective. It’s was executed by the Co-founder and president of Fight The New Drug, Clay Olsen.

Fortify – Quit Porn For Good App’s Requirements

So what are the few things we need to get started on the Fortify App?

  1. A mobile phone.
  2. Internet service connection.
  3. A valid email address.
  4. An opened heart.
  5. Time.

How To Use Fortify – Quit Porn For Good App

  1. Go to your Google play store app and search for the term “Fortify“. Or click here for quick navigation.
  2.  Install the app with a tag line “Quit Porn For Good“.
  3. After opening the app, you’ll have to go through a signup process which doesn’t take much time.
  4. When you’re done you will find yourself on a dashboard like that image below. That means you are good to go!
Porn & Masturbation Addition 2020 The Fortify App Homepage Screenshot

The Fortify App Homepage Screenshot

Now let’s start analyzing the Fortify app’s sections and features.

Fortify – Quit Porn For Good App’s Sections and Features

1. LEARN: The learn section is where you will find a couple of unique tutorials and pieces of training both in texts, practicals, videos, and others. You’ll come across quotes and sentences that will force you to stop thinking about porn or masturbation.

These tutorials were provided as a step-by-step process for each week. Also, you can choose to tutorials you wish to take by hovering a particular category.

To access this section on the Fortify app, tap the text “LEARN” or the media icon located at the last left-downside on your dashboard.


The connect section is a forum where you will meet people, create a discussion, join a discussion and more. Therefore, we can say learning on the Fortify app isn’t only limited to the LEARN section. In this section, You’ll also gain a lot from people’s views, suggestions and ideas on a particular topic too.

To access this section, tap the text “CONNECT” or the messenger icon on second to the last left-downside area on your dashboard.

TRACK: The Track section is where you’ll find out how far you’ve on the journey of waving porn & masturbation addiction a bye-bye. To access this section, tap on the text tagged “TRACK” or the calendar icon located on the right-downside of your dashboard.

Download Fortify – Quit Porn For Good App Apk Latest Version (Free & Premium Available)

So now that you’ve found out the usefulness of the Fortify app, don’t you think its high time you make start making use of it too? In case you have this app on your device already, then that’s great stuff you have with you. But if you do not, download the Fortify app apk latest version below.

Download Fortify – Quit Porn For Good App Apk Latest Version (Free & Premium Available)



Pornography and Masturbation these days have become something rapidly occupying a lot of people especially youth’s entire system. Meanwhile, it doesn’t do any good things than creating a bad zone in them. It gets your mind polluted and poisoned. Your sense of thinking will be different from a normal person negatively.

Most victims enjoy being in the deadly trap though but thank God people like you reading this are ready to gain freedom. So there you have it in the article!!

To be sincere, the Fortify app I just reviewed might seem like a joke to you but not until you try it.

You might be wondering, “how is it possible for a mere android app to stop me from doing something?” Well, that’s the same question I asked when I came across the app on Google play store.

But when I went through it, I knew it was possible from all that I saw. So what are you waiting for?? Give the app a trial and thank me later.

I hope this article was helpful to you? Was I able to provide an answer to the exact thing that brought you on this page? Is there any area that isn’t clear to you? is there something you expected but wasn’t added? Whatsoever it is, please pour out your mind by politely using the comment section.

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