5 Important Easy Steps To Find The Most Suitable Niche For Your New Blog In 2020

This page provides the 5 Important Easy Steps You As A Blogger Must Take To Find The Most Suitable Niche For Your New Blog In 2020.

So you are about to start your own blog or create a new one right? Wow!! That’s great!!

But the only thing I’m kinda worried about is that you don’t end up falling out later as a result of engaging yourself with the wrong squad. Although you might have prepared a well-scheduled plan for blogging, there’s no assurance it’s gonna work out well if you didn’t put a few or more things into consideration.

One of the most important things to consider before starting a blog is finding a niche that will suit you most. Or else, you might wanna choose the niche your blog teacher is into. But trust me, what works for “A” might destroy “B”.

Obviously, it could be a little bit hard to come up with a different niche to the one you were taught with. But that might be the first and biggest mistake you will regret later.

Anyways, here is the good news!. You can probably find yourself an easy and perfect blog niche just by following a simple step-by-step guide. In fact, the same instructions helped me realize that a technology blog is the most suitable niche for me. And trust me, I am really getting positive turn-outs already.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 5 Simple Steps To Find Yourself The Most Suitable Blogging Niche.

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Are you about to start a blog and you’ve been looking for a perfect niche for yourself? Well then, you are on the right page.

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After reading this article, your Goliath will turn to a dwarf that you only need to sought out by yourself with the little remaining actions.

Now let drive-in!! But firstly;

What Is A Niche?

Niche means a suitable and comfortable particular category or position in an aspect or industry.

The word “niche” is very uncommon and rarely will you see people making a general sentence with it. Obviously, it’s only used in the term of a blog.

What Is A Blog Niche?

This does not need much explanation again since the term “niche” has been understood. It’s simply defined just by adding the definition of a blog behind a niche.

A blog niche is a particular topic or subject a blogger chooses to blog about on his website. It’s can also be referred to as a “website focus“.

Top Blog Niches In 2020

We have countless blog niches currently existing around the globe. Meanwhile, some are the most popular while some are still yet to be discovered.

Here is the list of the most popular and engaging niches in 2020 presently:

  1. Health & Fitness Niche 
  2. Lifestyle Niche
  3. Art Niche
  4. News Niche
  5. Entertainment Niche
  6. Business & Finance Niche 
  7. Food Niche
  8. Tech Niche
  9. Science Niche
  10. Education Niche
  11. Product Reviews Niche 
  12. Automobile Niche

And many more…..

Note: The above list isn’t all the blog niches that exist but the most famous ones. This is just to provide you a clear idea of what it means when referring to a “blog niche“.

Now let’s dive straight to the reason why you are here which is:

The 5 Important Easy Steps To Find The Most Suitable Niche For Your New Blog In 2020

This is still causing an unnecessary headache among bloggers when they’re about to start or create a new blog.

But trust me, since you are here you have fewer things to be worried about. Just make sure you go through this article without skipping a line with your widest attention.

To Get Yourself a suitable and perfect niche for your blog, the first step is to:

1. List Out Things You Love Doing

The first step to easily discover a suitable niche for your blog is by identifying what you are most interested in.

Everybody Probably loves different things or aspects, but there is always a particular thing we love participating in or talking about the most. Either it’s your nature or hobby.

For instance, you might find yourself interested in any topics relating to entertaining, learning, relationships, religions, family, health, business, etc.

Just point out the exact area of life you always want to hear or talk about.

The reason why you need to pick your favorite aspect or hobby is to provide yourself a warranty that you won’t fall-out later after lacking inspiration on what to write next. It’s very obvious that you must have had strong knowledge featuring shareable experiences about what you love doing. So you’ll be able to write the perfect explanation each time inspiration strikes.

So after you’ve figured out what your interest seeks the most, then ask yourself:

2. Will My Topics Be Beneficial For Readers?

You need to agree with me, no one is ready to waste his/her time reading an article that won’t by anyway benefits them. If your readers wouldn’t gain, earn or learn something after reading, then it’s very sure you’ve wasted the whole time you sacrificed to gather the article.

Use this article as an example. After reading, you’ll be able to find a suitable niche for your blog. This means you’ll gain something. So the answer to that question {Will My Topics Be Beneficial For Readers?} on my side is YES!

Try not to make a mistake of choosing a niche that only you will enjoy reading it. Like I said in step one; “choose something you love doing”. But you must also be sure if it’s going to favor your readers or solve their problem.

lastly, make sure the niche you choose is made-up of productive topics.

After being assured that your niche’s topics will be profitable, then proceed to step three below.

3. Put Some Topics Into Practice

This is where you’ll know if you choose the wrong decision from step one. You should try and list-out at least 10 to 15 topics on the particular aspect you claimed to be your favorite and want to use as your blog niche.

Then make an impressive explanation on them one after the other to see if you would reach a point and collapse or not.

Moreover, You can also treat it like a rehearsal by explaining those topics to people closed to you, either friends, family or neighbors. In fact, you can discuss it on social media and see if you can steal people’s attention or get a negative turn-out.

All this isn’t a waste of time but a TEST FOR ABILITY.

By exercising yourself with a couple of topics, you can possibly predict what it’s gonna be like after engaging yourself with the particular blog niche.

After coming up with practicing this exercise of building topics and you find yourself being able to cook it perfectly, then you’re still definitely on the right track.

The next step is to find an answer to this question:

4. How Much More Are People Interested In My Blog Niche’s Topics?

Honestly, blogging is interesting, lively, educating and full of many other favorable attributes. But it’s become, boring, depressing and discouraging when no or few people are interested in what you’re talking about.

Truly, you might be really good at producing impressive information about the aspect you choose as your blog niche. But what if it’s only zero or 10 percent of people browsing online are interested in what you wanna talk about.

You can imagine someone who loves sharing his stories with people created a website to post updates on how he spends his day. Of course, that’s kind of cool, but only a few people will be interested in your life story cos we all have ours.

It’s very important you find out how much more people online are looking for the exact or related information about what you wanna talk about. This will also help you realize if you wouldn’t be later left behind the blogging race as a result of too many people ignoring you.

But the question is:

How Can I Know How Much More People Are Interested In My Blog Niche’s Topics?

You can simply do this by heading over to Google TrendsLet’s say “hair styling product” is the topic you want to share and like to know how much more people online are interested in it. 

Type the keyword in the search box and click search 🔎. A quick analysis of people’s interest in the topic over 12 years will be shown.

5 EASY STEPS You MUST Take To Find The Most Suitable Niche For Your Blog In 2020

Google Trends Traffic Volume Result Of Keyword: “Hair Styling Product” In Twelve Months

You can also manually change the calculated period of time from a drop-down menu to any amount you wish to inspect.

5 Important Easy Steps To Find The Most Suitable Niche For Your New Blog In 2020

Google Trends Traffic Volume Result Of Keyword: “Hair Styling Product” In Five Years

As you can see in the above image, the term “hair styling product” has been gaining massive amounts of interest for the past five years. This means the topic is good enough to consider your niche for.

You can inspect some other topics with the free tool and see if you are good to go.

Are You Done With That? Do You Find A Lot Of Interest In Your Topics? If yes, then let’s end this.

The last step to find a suitable blog niche in this article is to:

5. Find Out If You Can Make Money With The Blog Niche

Before you proceed into commencing your blog with the niche you decided, you also need to be sure if the niche can earn some money.

Although, blogging can be purposely Created just to have some fun online at times. But frankly, 99.9% of we bloggers are doing it to make money.

Only a person who has a steady alternative source of income or is financially stable will establish a blog without having money in his/her target.  Well then, if you ain’t part of that category, you probably need to take this step.

Before we proceed into how to know if you can earn with your niche, let’s check out for the different ways money is made in the blogging industry.

How Can I Money With Blog?

There are different ways you can make money with a blog. But it depends on your niche at times. The top ways to make money in the blog include:

  1. Running Advertising {ads}
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling Product

And many more…

How Do I Know If My Blog Niche Can Make Money?

Now let’s wisely find out if the blog niche you choose can probably bring you some bulks.

1. Spy On Other Websites In The Same Blog Niche: 

Check for other websites that work in that same niche you choose and see if they are making money with their blog too. See if they display ads, promote links or products, run affiliate programs {like Amazon} or sells products.

If you visit like 10 to 15 websites of that niche and none of them has this, then it’s a don’t go journey. But if you really don’t wanna give up on that niche you’re so passionate about, then try to contact some of the websites’ owners and ask for advice on how they earn.

2. See If People Are Making Adverts About The Niche

You should also find out if people are actually advertising something which relates to your blog niche. Meanwhile, You only need this if you’re going to monetize your blog with ads which the most common way to make money with a blog.

To find out if people are making advertising a market based on the niche you choose. You can simply search a keyword on any search engine. But obviously, Google remains the captain in that category.

Now let’s say you chose an Education niche, a simple keyword we can try is “Study Abroad

5 Easy Steps To Find The Most Suitable Blog Niche For Your New Blog In 2020

Google Search Result of keyword; “Study Abroad”

As you can see in the above image, people are making adverts about this keyword. So this guarantees that making money In that niche (with running adverts) is sure.


Trust me, the above tips and guidelines are the best to give a friend who is about to emerge blogging or create a new one.

Make sure you ain’t among bloggers who later shares a story of them failing many times years ago before realizing what’s wrong and right later.

It’s as simple as: “List Out Things You Love Doing”, “Confirm if your topics will favor your readers”, “Practice Few Topics And Be Sure You Are Good At It”, “See If People Are Really Looking For Your Topics”, “And Be Sure You Can Make Money From It”.

Follow these steps and expect beautiful outcomes in your blogging race.

Now you have your niche and sure that you are good to go, what next? Launch your site with a domain that relates to what people search most in the niche and build your blog gradually.

Learn more… No Limits To Learning.

Good Luck!

Updated: March 15, 2020 — 7:47 pm

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