Falz Pull Off Trouser, Rock Lady On Stage At “TheFalzExperienceConcert2”

Falz Pull Off Trouser, Rock Lady On Stage At “TheFalzExperienceConcert2”

Falz Pull Off Trouser and Rock Lady On Stage At TheFalzExperienceConcert2
Falz The Bahd Guy

Falz Pull Off Trouser, Rocks Lady On Stage In His TheFalzExperienceConcert2. 

One of the shows that shaked Lagos yesterday was “TheFalzExperienceConcert2“. Meanwhile  the show was the second audition. In addition it’s was held at The Convention Centre at Eko Hotel & Suite.

Falz Pull Off Trouser and Rock Lady On Stage At TheFalzExperienceConcert2

While the show was going on, an hilarious performance by falz got everyone’s attention. Falz call on a young lady on stage and started a normal dancing freestyle to impress her. Then suddenly, he unleased his belt, unzipped his Trouser, then boom! Pull it all of his leg.

When the Bahd guy entertainment ceo took that unexpected step, each and every lucky attendees at the concert screamed aloud. Meanwhile, Falz didn’t ended it there. He moved closer to the lady who was sitting on chair and jokingly demonstrates like he wants to make out with her.

Falz Pull Off Trouser

Watch the video below:


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Falz’ hilarious performance of “Sweet boy” at #thefalzexperience2 last night

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I think this is obviously going to be another viral video online. However, majority people who witnessed the scene hailed the Soft Work crooner. But, most reactions seen after the video was shared online weren’t pleasing. Some insulted him for not laying a good example to others.

According to my view too, I don’t think this is really cool of falz. If someone else apart from him, i might say “Nothing Is New” among celebrities. Cause frankly, he shouldn’t be compared.

Generally, Falz is one of the most respected role models in Nigeria apart from music industry. He is popularly referred to as an adult mentor. If we are to consider his profession {lawyer} it’s irresponsible to be seen in such action.

To count those apart, Falz parents were present at the concert.

However, no one knows sweet boy association presido’s intentions. He might be up to something. According to some reports, maybe he was trying to get people’s attention and let them talk about the concert. And obviously, it’s happening already.

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