Bored At Home Due To Coronavirus Lock Down? See The 3 Best Mobile Game Apps To Make Your Day

Coronavirus LockDown Boredom: 3 Best Mobile Games To Make Your Day

Coronavirus LockDown Boredom Mobile Games. Are you bored at home due to the coronavirus lockdown order? See the best mobile games apps to play and make your day.

For the past few moments now, the whole world has been turned upside down due to the unexpected epidemic break-out of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, one of the instructions given out to avoid this deadly virus from spreading further is for everyone to stay indoors.

But the fact that there is still no assurance of finding a cure soon is causing a lot of fear, panic, and grief going on among people even though they ain’t out.

Most of us ain’t used to staying at home for a whole day talk less of 14 or more days. This is going to cause tremendous boredom.

You will get tired of just roaming around your apartment, sleeping and waking again or doing one thing repeatedly. This can also create a space for you to start thinking about the epidemic and eventually get depressed.

Am I right?

I guess so cos I also experienced the same thing when I commenced my stay-at-home rule. But guess what, I got it sought out.

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I found some incredible mobile gaming apps to help in breaking the boredom and I’m sharing it with you too.

In this article I will you will come across the 3 Best Mobile Games To Make Your Day.

I can guess a question you might want to ask me now. “Why would I say these mobile phone game apps are the best while you are indoor avoiding the COVID-19?”.

I went through the Google play store checking out for different gaming apps either paid, free, offline or online. I found a couple of interesting ones though but still didn’t help the situation.

But when a came across these, 3 apps am about to review, I wasn’t able to resist them.

The games will make you forget your worries, cheer up, laugh, learn and importantly keep your company.

Would you love to check them out too? Keep reading…

Coronavirus LockDown Boredom: 3 Best Mobile Games To Make Your Day

1. Slap Kings 

Coronavirus Stay-At-Home Boredom Best Mobile Games

Slap Kings Game App Logo

Let’s just say the Slap kings game app is medicine for a sad and unhappy mood. The concept of the game is really funny and lively.

The game is slapping competition according to the name it bears. You’ll get slapped and also slap your opponent till one of you two is down.

You can also buy stuff like an armored mask to reduce the pain or live decreases for each slaps you get. You can also buy gloves from your earned points to add more force your opponents will receive when you land a slap on them.

The Slap Kings game app was released on the 25th of February this year, 2020 and has already hit a total download of 10,000,000 along with a lot of positive reviews.

The game has both free and premium versions. It was offered by a popular games app company, Lion Studios.

If you really looking for a game app to keep your company while stuck indoor due to the coronavirus lockdown, the slap king game is a good choice.

The only thing about this game that might cause an unconvincing consideration is the ads. But that would the reason you won’t go for it, no worries, I have more options for you in this article.

2. Johnny Trigger

Coronavirus Lock Down Boredom Best Mobile Games

Johnny Trigger Game App Logo

Trust me, Johnny Trigger is a real boredom breaker game. Since the 17th of December, 2019 which the game has been launched, I have been coming across many people calling it their favorite game presently.

Johnny Trigger gaming app which was just launched not up to a half-year has hitten a total download of 50,000,000 on Google play store already. The rate of positive reviews on it is also flabbergasting.

It’s an action-categorized shooting game with excellent graphics. The music which takes a very important role in games is also lovely.

The theme is also clean and friendly. Meanwhile, the game is neither too hard nor too easy. The more you proceed, the harder it gets.

The Johnny Trigger game app is free to get. But it includes an in-purchase policy to unlock some features.

However, this game also contains ads. But it only displays on the free version. without further ado, check out for the Johnny Trigger game apk free version below on google play store or Apple store.


3. Gwent Witcher Card Game

GWENT The Witcher Card Game Logo

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Logo

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is another amazing free game that worths your time. Honestly, you find yourself not getting tired of paying this game continually. This is why it’s one of the best game choices to help your day out while during the COVID-19 lockdown session.

The game is not even up to two months that it was launched and already has a million-plus download on google play store with countless positive reviews.

GWENT is a global card game. A fair and fun progression system turns the effort of building a competitive collection of cards into pure pleasure. simply collect new cards to build decks with as you play GWENT game.


Apart from making your day, the GWENT game can also be referred to as a brainstormer. You Crushes your enemies with brute strength or outsmart them with clever tricks. This game’s unique round-based gameplay opens up a world of strategic possibilities to play with when fighting for victory.

The GWENT: The Witcher  Card Game is available both on Google play store and apple store. Tap any of the images below to get it on your android or IOS devices respectively for free.



So there you have it! The Best Mobile Games To Make Your Day During The Coronavius Lockdown.

It’s high time you get over the boring mood these days. Play these games with your family at home and be happy.

In case you have any questions or ideas, kindly drop your mind off the comment section. Don’t forget to share it with others too.

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